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ASP.NET Core 5 and React


Build fully functional, cloud-ready, and professional web applications using the latest features in the .NET 5 framework and React with Microsoft Azure

  • Explore the new features of .NET 5 with this updated edition of ASP.NET Core and React
  • Discover strategies for adopting a full-stack development approach, clean architecture techniques, and development best practices
  • Learn how to manage data, design and package applications, and secure your web apps
ASP.NET Core 5 and React
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Creating a React app with TypeScript and ESLint with Webpack 5

January 20, 2021#react#typescript

How to use Webpack 5 to bundle a React app with TypeScript and ESLint

React refs with TypeScript

November 18, 2020#react#typescript

How to use React refs with TypeScript in function and class components.