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Learn TypeScript

Now includes TypeScript 4!
An interactive course for JavaScript developers who want to learn modern TypeScript
Learning TypeScript
  • Learn to use TypeScript's amazing type system with your existing JavaScript skills to boost your productivity
  • 70+ interactive tutorial style lessons
  • Quizzes in each module to reinforce knowledge
  • Primitive and Special Types
  • Type Aliases and Interfaces
  • Classes and Inheritance
  • Generics and Overloads
  • Type Guards and Type Narrowing
  • Querying Types and Mapped Types
  • Conditional Types
  • tsconfig and Compiler Options
  • Webpack, ESLint and Babel Integration
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Using TypeScript with React

Ideal for those who are familiar with React but new to TypeScript
Using TypeScript with React
  • Learn how to utilize TypeScript’s sophisticated type system to make React development faster and your code more readable
  • 64 interactive tutorial style lessons
  • Quizzes in each module to reinforce knowledge
  • Strongly-type both function and class component props and state
  • Use TypeScript with React context for both function and class components
  • Strongly-type React hooks
  • How use use React and TypeScript with Webpack, ESLint and Babel
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ASP.NET Core 3 and React

Hands-On full stack web development using ASP.NET Core, React, and TypeScript 3
ASP.NET Core 3 and React
  • Explore the full potential and latest features of .NET Core, TypeScript 3, and React
  • Learn how to manage data, application design, and packaging, and secure your web apps
  • Discover best practices for using React and TypeScript to build a scalable frontend that interacts with REST APIs
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Learn React with TypeScript 3

A beginner's guide to modern React web development with TypeScript 3
Learn React with TypeScript 3
  • Explore the latest core features of React such as components, React Router, and suspense
  • Delve into TypeScript 3 and its core components such as interfaces, types aliases, tuples, and generics
  • Build small-to-large scale single-page applications with React, Redux, GraphQL and TypeScript


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