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Try React 18 RC with TypeScript

December 13, 2021

React 18 release candidate has just been released!

Here’s how we can try this out with TypeScript and Create React App:

First, create an app, as usual, using Create React App:

npx create-react-app app --template typescript

Then update the version of React:

npm install react@rc react-dom@rc --force

The --force flag gets around a dependency issue with React Testing Library at the moment.

  • In index.tsx, replace the following lines:
    <App />


const root = ReactDOM.createRoot(
  document.getElementById("root") as HTMLDivElement
root.render(<App />);

This will give type error:

Property 'createRoot' does not exist on type 'typeof import("/...")'

… which can be resolved by adding the following to tsconfig.json:

  "compilerOptions": {
    "types": ["react/next", "react-dom/next"]  },

That’s it; you can now start playing with React 18! 😊

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