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8 Visual Studio Code Tips

September 08, 2015

In a previous post, I detailed some reasons I have started to use VS code. Following on from this, here are some tips for using VS code:

  1. Shortcut key for the command pallet is SHIFT + CTRL + P
  2. You can open up a 2nd window in VS code using CTRL + 2 and you can set focus to the 1st / 2nd window using CTRL + 1 or CTRL + 2
  3. Switch auto saving on by checking File > Auto Save
  4. Show / hide the side bar using CTRL + B
  5. Whilst in the command line, code . will open VS code in the current directory
  6. To open a file quickly, type CTRL + P and start typing the name of the file
  7. To open an intellisence list, type CTRL + SPACE
  8. Increase the font by going to user settings (File > Preferences > User Settings) and paste "editor.fontSize": 16 into the json

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