DataTable v DataReader

Imagine we want to read data from a SQL Server database putting it in a generic object that can be used in a JSON API response. An ADO.NET DataReader should be faster and use less memory than a DataAdapter / DataTable approach. This post details some tests and what the differences are …

Test database

I’m going to test this on the Customers table within the Northwind database. I’ve created 5 copies of the Customers table with increasing number of rows within it.

A script to create the 5 Customers tables can be found here

Test app

The test app can be found here.
The test app reads the Customers tables that vary in size using both the DataTable and DataReader / DataAdapter approaches. The time to read the data and put it in a generic object is captured along with the memory taken by the DataTable object.


As you can see the difference is minimal for <100,000 rows.

Rows DataTable (ms) DataReader (ms) Difference (ms) DataTable size (Mb)
91 0.5 0.2 0.3 0.04
910 5.4 5.3 0.2 0.42
9,100 92.7 68.8 23.9 4.18
91,000 931.7 698.4 233.3 42.10
910,000 12,928 10,060 2,868 423.66
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